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EmailUK - Domain Registration

EmailUK and AWS are able to advise you on suitable Domain Names. We are able to check availability and then register the domain for you. Of course you can probably do this for yourself, but firstly we take the hastle out of the actual registration process and more importantly we make sure that you really own your domain. Too often we have found that people have registered domains with cut-price registration only to find that the control of the domain has been retained by the company doing the registration and in some cases have even registered themselves as owners of the domain although the client has paid for the registration. This can make things very difficult when it comes to moving your site to a new host.

Domains are generally registered for a period of 2 to 5 years and must be renewed at the end of that period. A domain registration that hasn't been renewed is placed on hold for a period of time before being deemed free for a new person to register.

I have to admit that problems with the registering companies are less frequent these days and are usually resolvable, but there is cost involved in any dispute of this nature. We guarantee to ensure that our clients retain ownership and control of thier domains

Let us take the hastle out of registering your Domain and also give advice on what name to register. Remember you are not guaranteed to get your first choice, we tried several alternatives before we found a suitable Domain Name that wasn't already taken. It is always better to aim for a reasonably short domain name. Contact us for more information and advice.

As always we strongly advise protecting your data. We provide links to some of our favourite tools.


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