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EmailUK- Website Design.

Websites can be broadly divided into two categories, those that work, and those that dont. A website only works if it achieves it's objective, that may be to inform or to sell or even to advertise. Without viewers a website cannot achieve it's objective and a badly designed website is not likely to get the viewers needed to make it a success. We call website viewers 'traffic'.

A website can look wonderful and be easy to navigate and still not get any traffic. A big part of the battle to get traffic is in having a site that is designed well, that is, one that is designed to be noticed by the search engines. Of course it should be pleasing to the eye, quick to load and easily navigable as well.

EmailUK is a hosting organisation not a design company, so we joined together with a designer to form Affordable Web Solutions (AWS). Our design team can produce a website that is search engine friendly as well as good looking. We consult with the client all the way through design to make sure that the site looks the way they want while satisfying the conditions for search engine optimisation. I hasten to point out that this website was not designed by the AWS team, it was designed in it's basic form before AWS began.

AWS is new, so new that our own website is still under construction. This is partly because we already have clients which of course take priority. For examples of our work look at and other examples will be available on our website. The 'A' in AWS is for Affordable and that is what promise competetive, affordable prices for all our solutions.

To discuss your requirements send an email to one of our contacts.

If you prefer to attempt to design your own perhaps the links below will be helpful or try Adobe Creative Suite: Creative Suite 4 Introductory Offer

Adobe InDesign CS4 125x125  Adobe Photoshop CS4 125x125 Medium Rectangle Home - Landing page


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